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The hidden Blogger blogs....

The hidden Blogger blogs

I was just thinking of the huge numbers of fantastic blogs there must be around the blogspotosphere, just a next blog button does not make em easy to find to say the least. Tag systems are around but that would take the absolute minimum effort. Are we not worthy google? I bet the number of blogs I would love to find is astronomical by now. Do I (with all my misbehavior) have more sense of community as the google clan?

People that work for google have educational background, to get educated they needed specific features (like social skills) In other words they don't have a clue what normal people think, how they will act or what they need.

Lets have a look at the hotmail passport. This is ancient history by now. Microsoft still asks thousands of dollars just for a "log in with passport" button. Google only recently (about 300 web years later) invented the use of the user account.

So could anyone working @ google imagine a web master would want a visitor to log in with a google profile. People are sick of filling out forms, forced to use form filler hacks effectively making the whole Internet insecure. This is just from the client side.

Web masters have to manage sql databases with email addresses and other personal information, build insecure content management systems to send out a newsletter to forum members? A google group would be 100 times more useful BUT we can't serve anything else to users with an account like that. so, people build the whole thing them selfs. It's not close to secure it's a live-beta.

This was not a useful idea, this is an example of customer feedback about a really old Hotmail product. The one that's worth the really big money. This would be worth more per month as advertising hosting design and buying content. We crave for the option to single click to log in on any site. And this would keep the personal information outside the normal web traffic.

I can't imagine google missed Bill Gates memo on secure computing?

But this post was really about no-one ever finding the stuff we blog. Damn there must be some awesome blogs out there that no one can find. Just lookie here! haha
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