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Finally an end to soccer....

Finally an end to soccer

I love doing sports, I love looking at sports and I HATE SOCCER.

It's not that the so called supporters burning down houses, raid stores and send the taxpayer the bill. It's not that there isn't a single dad left taking his son to see soccer. They are just not worthy supporters, I understand this fully.

It's not the ball-gamers making millions either, cleaning up the mess their fans make may be a lot more expensive, I don't mind that at all .

It's not that services I'm forced to buy sponsor the game with my money. The poor soccer players have to make their money some place.

I don't mind other sports never getting any air time. I would love to see some REAL sports but thats not what I mind about soccer.

I mind fat headed soccer players on the news talking their uneducated bla bla as if that is news. Our economy is running backwards but the world news is now replaced by a soccer bulletin?

We should be voting for the European union or at least get some clue on this subject. But no, Korea is doing nuclear tests and all we get as news is the latest soccer game.

So I want to dedicate this post to Malcolm Glazer and thank him for buying Manchester united. That was an awesome deed, no more "power to the retarded". Best sports event ever.

I can say all this because I like to look at skate boarding and I've never seen one program about it. Why should I accept this dumb soccer game as NEWS ? I also like chess. Garry Kasparov retired and made it to the full 20 sec in the news. woooo hoooo 20 sec!

Why the fuck won't they ever show me any of his games? Why do the dumb people get all the attention? It's pretty clear to me that people that like soccer don't have their own opinion. I like soccer because...... That was hard wasn't it? Try this for size: I like running after big mobs with my brain switched off.


Now you dumb soccer fan will show me that soccer footage that comes close to this armature film from a sports and a entertainment point of view.


O wow, that compares just fine to kicking your foot against a ball. thank you.

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