Adaptive path � making a better cms

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I never would have thought to be blogging a link in this blog, this blog is so that I can explain what I mean withouth the spectator crying true the middle of it. People who are to proud to look at flaws can never fix them because they do not look at the flaw. They even dare get angry at who ever reports this. How dare they!

Look how long the list of user unfriendly CMS features Jeffery Veen from adaptivepath listed here. adaptive path � making a better cms

It's obvious that the list is 10 times this long. One would be a troll to start about it, right? Wrong! They want to make a respectable aplication. Buggy crap that monopolized a sector makes no one happy. Remeber Microsoft? They really tryed to make things work but made more bugs as could ever be fixed.

First make up your mind what the creation should look like. If you would draw the plan afterwards it will look like a success but it really is not. The succes is only because you didn't demand anything from yourself.
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