Label this

Friday, March 25, 2005

Lets sort the labels? Labels are lots better as folders but most applications have a long way to go. We want to view more labels at a time and need an option to add or subtract others. It would be interesting to have them automatically created. The content should travel from label to label. It should move from draft to published. We don't publish draft, it may only have one of the 2 labels. This brings me to "active labels", a label was a name tag up to now.

I think it should have it's own script so that you can have it update itself. Why not have the label keep it's own reference list and update it if requested. Make it show all other labels items with this label have, in a nice tree structure. Some label rules like "trash > draft", the trash labeled should never show up! An orange is never an apple at the same time.

And lets have that "one click", "create and apply label" thing happening:

file name > label
folder name > label
parent folder name > label

caption > labels
stared > label

meta keywords > labels
domain extensions > labels

For example:

We have a folder "Holland" with 200 images that all look about the same, about 100 are nice and 100 are not. Viewing the labels wont show any pictures that are not labeled. Viewing the folder won't hide the pictures that are labeled. The result is worse as any folder tree. I keep adding the label to the same images and I keep missing those that should have gotten one.
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