Getting less prefesional and more kind

Friday, April 08, 2005

a doodle

I'm thinking about an advertisement idea, a milk carton has a logo on the front, I was exploring "putting a blog on the side", could make a free add for bloggers and people would buy the milk? But can use beer or peanut butter "what ever product is cool to you!". It doesn't need to be free, one could also ask money for it. 0.10$ per print? It's not a lot if it's guaranteed to be looked at, we could lock down a target area. Can put 2 blog descriptions/introductions on each side and one on the back, make 5 times 0.10 cent. I read what your blog is about and you get to pay my milk! Great, uh? It's not like I invented something at all. Just wasn't done. 
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