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Longhorn will end the Information age....
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Longhorn will end the Information age

I just found out Longhorn will run on some older PCs too . Now that will end everything! Zdnet states:

"the bad news is that Longhorn is going to look and run quite differently on those older systems".

And they make it sound as if users of older pc's will miss out on new features! They are nuts! This means Longhorn needs a whole new pc AND runs applications developed for a P3! It means the new OS will have ERRORS generated by different output!

I hate Microsoft! Not a power system with powerful applications. NO A power system with everything REMOVED that didn't run on the ancient 0.5 GB pc's. It's just like having various browsers. You will have to look how it looks each time you change something OR you will never know when it stopped working.

A programmer will need to buy a shit pc to test his code and he will have to use it all day!

Let us all pray and hope the developers will do that? Not a chance! If they won't we will have different performance on each system.
"It doesn't work cuz I don't have a mac". Will change into "It doesn't work because my version of Longhorn has more memory".

I use to make websites on a Pentium 2 with win-98, that way it always worked smooth on all pc's. Now we should develop Longhorn applications on a P3? Great! Well, take it from me: "you bought the new pc for nothing" If your lucky you can even run the application! But if you cant there is nothing anyone can do about it. The developer just didn't know it didn't work under HI res setting. And he sure as hell doesn't know at what stage it stopped working.

If most users have an older pc, all software should run on that. So making cool things for this OS is impossible. No one can use it then.

Should make software for an operating system and an operating system for the hardware.

The whole Internet is made for dial up-users. All software in 2010 will be made for the P3.

the bugs are the extras.

Then we have a new pc and a new OS with software for old pc's.


If it works you can save some money by putting the parts in the box yourself. If it doesn't work your screwed. Mine turned out really loud. I didn't know it was this bad before I put it together.

Guess who is to blame now?


Referral systems need no ID

Did you ever see one of those marketing links with a referral code at the end of it? 999 out of 1000 times you can just type the original root url and have a look without making the spammer happy. If the page appears I am not interested! They want me to sell stuff but think it's normal to sell the same stuff on the root of that domain? Preferably to who I referred to them. And I wasn't even planning on spamming anyone either!

Most of those programs lack morals as a standard but to screw your own referral system so well is just hilarious in my opinion. Bypassing the middle man to reach the middle man, and then bypass him again. haha? Here's a link with my "promo code" baked in it: http://www.greenzap.com/gdewilde

I can almost hear you think evil things about marketing programs like that, I could not agree more but our whole currency system is a total fraud, it makes me sick but it ain't any different. It's not that we would provide for all if we could, we would just make stuff more expensive and have about the same. The rest will be taken for the greater good called our government. Who are we to judge a marketing program if we live in a coupon based economy? We trade worthless paper for real food, does that make sense or sound logical?

Selling the customer

A surprising number of businesses are marketing their current customer as the main product thinking it's their product that is so fantastic. Did you ever join something for the members? I always get introduced one way or another. The customer is the main promotional tool but also a large part of the product.

Even the smallest thing we buy we identify with and can be identified by. We may be introduced at first but we want to stay a customer because we know other users. A product doesn't need to be useful at all, the self improvement is the being part of something.

From the Business and Finance point of view, we don't want to invest in new customers at all. It should just be an awesome experience to be an established customer. Let the world figure out your promotion true the fantastic branch orientated documentation you supply. People that work in your branch should really need the features of your site and get used to the idea of using your site, thats really worth investing in. By targeting the content on the existing customers one would want to aquire this status.

With an increasing number of customers, rewarding them today will be less expensive as in future. By this logic it's better to improve the service as the product, the current customer is more important as the new one. Work backwards, make it's first priority to be a interesting and useful company to your clients, let's expect this to cost time and money. It's about being better as the competitor.

You sell part of something, who sells the other parts? Let's make that full guide for your customer and get it perfect. You can help, let's help the customers. What does your brand of customer need to know? How do they currently find out about this? Be sure to throw money but aim it well.

Getting less prefesional and more kind

a doodle

I'm thinking about an advertisement idea, a milk carton has a logo on the front, I was exploring "putting a blog on the side", could make a free add for bloggers and people would buy the milk? But can use beer or peanut butter "what ever product is cool to you!". It doesn't need to be free, one could also ask money for it. 0.10$ per print? It's not a lot if it's guaranteed to be looked at, we could lock down a target area. Can put 2 blog descriptions/introductions on each side and one on the back, make 5 times 0.10 cent. I read what your blog is about and you get to pay my milk! Great, uh? It's not like I invented something at all. Just wasn't done.  Read_more>> 
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