Pay per view

Advertising is a big industry, we can use add supported services, we can earn money by having others click on our adds, we can even earn money with viewing adds in some programs. I like to think “free” means something sucks. I sure know of great free services but if they offer a payed product it almost always is better as... I also think the person viewing the adds is doing the work. An add powered service may appear free, in reality they earn add revenue. This may or may not be more as enough it doesn’t matter, it’s still the viewers money in the developers pocket. I figure we are old enough to buy our own things? More > >  Read_more>> 

The hidden Blogger blogs

I was just thinking of the huge numbers of fantastic blogs there must be around the blogspotosphere, just a next blog button does not make em easy to find to say the least. Tag systems are around but that would take the absolute minimum effort. Are we not worthy google? I bet the number of blogs I would love to find is astronomical by now. Do I (with all my misbehavior) have more sense of community as the google clan?

People that work for google have educational background, to get educated they needed specific features (like social skills) In other words they don't have a clue what normal people think, how they will act or what they need.

Lets have a look at the hotmail passport. This is ancient history by now. Microsoft still asks thousands of dollars just for a "log in with passport" button. Google only recently (about 300 web years later) invented the use of the user account.

So could anyone working @ google imagine a web master would want a visitor to log in with a google profile. People are sick of filling out forms, forced to use form filler hacks effectively making the whole Internet insecure. This is just from the client side.

Web masters have to manage sql databases with email addresses and other personal information, build insecure content management systems to send out a newsletter to forum members? A google group would be 100 times more useful BUT we can't serve anything else to users with an account like that. so, people build the whole thing them selfs. It's not close to secure it's a live-beta.

This was not a useful idea, this is an example of customer feedback about a really old Hotmail product. The one that's worth the really big money. This would be worth more per month as advertising hosting design and buying content. We crave for the option to single click to log in on any site. And this would keep the personal information outside the normal web traffic.

I can't imagine google missed Bill Gates memo on secure computing?

But this post was really about no-one ever finding the stuff we blog. Damn there must be some awesome blogs out there that no one can find. Just lookie here! haha

Finally an end to soccer

I love doing sports, I love looking at sports and I HATE SOCCER.

It's not that the so called supporters burning down houses, raid stores and send the taxpayer the bill. It's not that there isn't a single dad left taking his son to see soccer. They are just not worthy supporters, I understand this fully.

It's not the ball-gamers making millions either, cleaning up the mess their fans make may be a lot more expensive, I don't mind that at all .

It's not that services I'm forced to buy sponsor the game with my money. The poor soccer players have to make their money some place.

I don't mind other sports never getting any air time. I would love to see some REAL sports but thats not what I mind about soccer.

I mind fat headed soccer players on the news talking their uneducated bla bla as if that is news. Our economy is running backwards but the world news is now replaced by a soccer bulletin?

We should be voting for the European union or at least get some clue on this subject. But no, Korea is doing nuclear tests and all we get as news is the latest soccer game.

So I want to dedicate this post to Malcolm Glazer and thank him for buying Manchester united. That was an awesome deed, no more "power to the retarded". Best sports event ever.

I can say all this because I like to look at skate boarding and I've never seen one program about it. Why should I accept this dumb soccer game as NEWS ? I also like chess. Garry Kasparov retired and made it to the full 20 sec in the news. woooo hoooo 20 sec!

Why the fuck won't they ever show me any of his games? Why do the dumb people get all the attention? It's pretty clear to me that people that like soccer don't have their own opinion. I like soccer because...... That was hard wasn't it? Try this for size: I like running after big mobs with my brain switched off.

Now you dumb soccer fan will show me that soccer footage that comes close to this armature film from a sports and a entertainment point of view.

O wow, that compares just fine to kicking your foot against a ball. thank you.


Longhorn will end the Information age

I just found out Longhorn will run on some older PCs too . Now that will end everything! Zdnet states:

"the bad news is that Longhorn is going to look and run quite differently on those older systems".

And they make it sound as if users of older pc's will miss out on new features! They are nuts! This means Longhorn needs a whole new pc AND runs applications developed for a P3! It means the new OS will have ERRORS generated by different output!

I hate Microsoft! Not a power system with powerful applications. NO A power system with everything REMOVED that didn't run on the ancient 0.5 GB pc's. It's just like having various browsers. You will have to look how it looks each time you change something OR you will never know when it stopped working.

A programmer will need to buy a shit pc to test his code and he will have to use it all day!

Let us all pray and hope the developers will do that? Not a chance! If they won't we will have different performance on each system.
"It doesn't work cuz I don't have a mac". Will change into "It doesn't work because my version of Longhorn has more memory".

I use to make websites on a Pentium 2 with win-98, that way it always worked smooth on all pc's. Now we should develop Longhorn applications on a P3? Great! Well, take it from me: "you bought the new pc for nothing" If your lucky you can even run the application! But if you cant there is nothing anyone can do about it. The developer just didn't know it didn't work under HI res setting. And he sure as hell doesn't know at what stage it stopped working.

If most users have an older pc, all software should run on that. So making cool things for this OS is impossible. No one can use it then.

Should make software for an operating system and an operating system for the hardware.

The whole Internet is made for dial up-users. All software in 2010 will be made for the P3.

the bugs are the extras.

Then we have a new pc and a new OS with software for old pc's.


If it works you can save some money by putting the parts in the box yourself. If it doesn't work your screwed. Mine turned out really loud. I didn't know it was this bad before I put it together.

Guess who is to blame now?


Referral systems need no ID

Did you ever see one of those marketing links with a referral code at the end of it? 999 out of 1000 times you can just type the original root url and have a look without making the spammer happy. If the page appears I am not interested! They want me to sell stuff but think it's normal to sell the same stuff on the root of that domain? Preferably to who I referred to them. And I wasn't even planning on spamming anyone either!

Most of those programs lack morals as a standard but to screw your own referral system so well is just hilarious in my opinion. Bypassing the middle man to reach the middle man, and then bypass him again. haha? Here's a link with my "promo code" baked in it:

I can almost hear you think evil things about marketing programs like that, I could not agree more but our whole currency system is a total fraud, it makes me sick but it ain't any different. It's not that we would provide for all if we could, we would just make stuff more expensive and have about the same. The rest will be taken for the greater good called our government. Who are we to judge a marketing program if we live in a coupon based economy? We trade worthless paper for real food, does that make sense or sound logical?

Selling the customer

A surprising number of businesses are marketing their current customer as the main product thinking it's their product that is so fantastic. Did you ever join something for the members? I always get introduced one way or another. The customer is the main promotional tool but also a large part of the product.

Even the smallest thing we buy we identify with and can be identified by. We may be introduced at first but we want to stay a customer because we know other users. A product doesn't need to be useful at all, the self improvement is the being part of something.

From the Business and Finance point of view, we don't want to invest in new customers at all. It should just be an awesome experience to be an established customer. Let the world figure out your promotion true the fantastic branch orientated documentation you supply. People that work in your branch should really need the features of your site and get used to the idea of using your site, thats really worth investing in. By targeting the content on the existing customers one would want to aquire this status.

With an increasing number of customers, rewarding them today will be less expensive as in future. By this logic it's better to improve the service as the product, the current customer is more important as the new one. Work backwards, make it's first priority to be a interesting and useful company to your clients, let's expect this to cost time and money. It's about being better as the competitor.

You sell part of something, who sells the other parts? Let's make that full guide for your customer and get it perfect. You can help, let's help the customers. What does your brand of customer need to know? How do they currently find out about this? Be sure to throw money but aim it well.

Getting less prefesional and more kind

a doodle

I'm thinking about an advertisement idea, a milk carton has a logo on the front, I was exploring "putting a blog on the side", could make a free add for bloggers and people would buy the milk? But can use beer or peanut butter "what ever product is cool to you!". It doesn't need to be free, one could also ask money for it. 0.10$ per print? It's not a lot if it's guaranteed to be looked at, we could lock down a target area. Can put 2 blog descriptions/introductions on each side and one on the back, make 5 times 0.10 cent. I read what your blog is about and you get to pay my milk! Great, uh? It's not like I invented something at all. Just wasn't done.  Read_more>> 

Label this

Lets sort the labels? Labels are lots better as folders but most applications have a long way to go. We want to view more labels at a time and need an option to add or subtract others. It would be interesting to have them automatically created. The content should travel from label to label. It should move from draft to published. We don't publish draft, it may only have one of the 2 labels. This brings me to "active labels", a label was a name tag up to now.

I think it should have it's own script so that you can have it update itself. Why not have the label keep it's own reference list and update it if requested. Make it show all other labels items with this label have, in a nice tree structure. Some label rules like "trash > draft", the trash labeled should never show up! An orange is never an apple at the same time.

And lets have that "one click", "create and apply label" thing happening:

file name > label
folder name > label
parent folder name > label

caption > labels
stared > label

meta keywords > labels
domain extensions > labels

For example:

We have a folder "Holland" with 200 images that all look about the same, about 100 are nice and 100 are not. Viewing the labels wont show any pictures that are not labeled. Viewing the folder won't hide the pictures that are labeled. The result is worse as any folder tree. I keep adding the label to the same images and I keep missing those that should have gotten one.

be open and enlightened

In Everything people do is about communication. I explain how to "be open and enlightened", having no opinion on things not jet experienced. I say that if people enjoy a thing it can be enjoyed by people. A bad review from a non-user won't proof people can't enjoy it, it will fail to review the very subject because the thing reviewed was never used, the review is a lie.

Only thing worse as being a lier is mistaking obvious lies for facts. If anyone likes something, that proofs it can be liked by a person. This proofs you could like it if you would see or do the thing. You can't proof it's boring jet, others were able to put their interest in it. Can prove to disrespect their interest. It's them who are interested and you who is bored. It's not about the thing at all it's about you. Your boring and they are interesting. They made the thing interesting them selfs, and your making it boring in advance.

To make an opinion before looking at things is so unreasonable one would end up reviewing his own lack of objective observation. First eat, then taste, first make a painting, then say you can't paint, first write, then say you can't, first use Linux then say you prefer Windows. Things are not uninteresting, it's people who are not interested. You can't proof how something you never tried will work out. Don't make a fool out of yourself trying. I'm sure no one likes my blog, but could you please just try for your own good? Thank you!

Adaptive path � making a better cms

I never would have thought to be blogging a link in this blog, this blog is so that I can explain what I mean withouth the spectator crying true the middle of it. People who are to proud to look at flaws can never fix them because they do not look at the flaw. They even dare get angry at who ever reports this. How dare they!

Look how long the list of user unfriendly CMS features Jeffery Veen from adaptivepath listed here. adaptive path � making a better cms

It's obvious that the list is 10 times this long. One would be a troll to start about it, right? Wrong! They want to make a respectable aplication. Buggy crap that monopolized a sector makes no one happy. Remeber Microsoft? They really tryed to make things work but made more bugs as could ever be fixed.

First make up your mind what the creation should look like. If you would draw the plan afterwards it will look like a success but it really is not. The succes is only because you didn't demand anything from yourself.

Everything people do is about communication.

Trying to create a luxurious feel about products I make the point: Good communication would be the perfect place to start. For the simple reason that you can't improve things if you don't know they exist. Everything people do is about communication, good is not perfect. Perfect communication would be the goal we can never reach. Good doesn't come close to perfect, remember that for ever!

We communicate over the web by limited skill and limited method. The list of way's to publish isn't that long. Text, links, photo's, drawings, edited images, screenshots, animations, voice, music, video.

The first rule of being smart is not having an opinion about things you never experienced never ever tried. Stop acting smart about things you don't know anything about. First climb the Himalaya and then complain how dumb it is. The taste of the food is in the eating not in the talking about it. If you didn't do it, you have no proof you don't like it. Thats the order of things.

If you would make a comment, I would visit your blog, I would read your blog and after that I could like it. It's unreasonable to make an opinion any earlier. Could have a second look tomorrow, may like it more/less. Try to enhance the picture and stop looking to proof prejudgments. First try to be open and enlightened. Don't cry first TRY to TRY.


Good communication would be the perfect place to start.

In Having to ask questions is not-so luxurious I make the point: "Good communication would be the perfect place to start. " if we are to accomplish the best results possible. Reasonable or good is not perfect, making things perfect may be impossible it should still be the main task. You will end up in the middle like that, halfway between good and perfect. I know things that are just good just ain't good enough to stand out.

Working on communication is easy you already have the maximum know how. A bit more would be unnatural, it would be like a sails rap. You would end up knowing even less. If your communication skills are poor and you don't like that anymore, you will need to train them. It may surprise you but a book is a communication medium just like the tv a video blogs, everything people do is about communication.


Having to ask questions is not-so luxurious

In You should have done this and that.. I make it clear that "Having to ask questions" is "not-so luxurious". If a button doesn't say what the button does it's not a luxurious button at all. If the end user target audience or customer (or who ever your making this thing with the button on it for) needs to ask questions about it's use, it's user unfriendly and not properly documented. A chance to improve things!

Good communication would be the perfect place to start. The best way to get complains would be by letting the complainee pick the medium he likes most. We should never reduce the chance to hear new ideas for development. The end result is made of all the little bits, if you miss a few you may end up second place. If the complainee sends mail you mail, if he sends a fax you fax and if he calls you pick up the phone.

Imagine you have a online store and it stops working, customer 300 calls you, he is rude and angry after endless trying to buy stuff he badly needs. The first thing to think is to fix the problem, you never have time to insult this guy for helping you no matter how confused he is. If you only do email it may take 10 000 customers before you get the message. You send a reply to explain he has to use the small buy buttons. And it takes another 10 000 unhappy customers for you to send the same message to person 2. Do we say "gee this people are dumb" and move on or do we make the thing more luxurious?


You should have done this and that..

In Trying to create a luxurious feel about products. I state that trying to create a luxurious feel about products is not "you should have done this and that.."

As soon as any question needs to be asked the Luxurious feel could be improved. Having to ask questions is not-so luxurious, it's an embarrassment. Dumb me needs to get helped by you. BRR.. Could we do what it takes to avoid that? I never feel dumb using my Rolex or operating my Rolls.


Trying to create a luxurious feel about products.

In No one knows how to do things the right way. I claim trying to create a feeling we experience as luxurious. This is best done by making sure the appearance of a thing is great and stays great. The staying great part is the real work, if the real thing is not what it appeared to be it's not luxurious at all. It should therefore be the exact thing promoted looking exactly as cool as it is, not a bit better.

Be proud of your ERRORS, your glad to know what was wrong. Because it would be better to prevent them, you would need to be aware of them first. Trying to create a luxurious feel about products is not "you should have done this and that.." It's to move heaven and earth to get this done automatically next time. Having to get helped is not-so luxurious.


No one knows how to do things the right way.

I was thinking about webdesing and it struck me again how important it is to remove the ERRORS. Looking at the wrongs is a million times more important as doing the right thing. First stop doing the WRONG! It's pointless to do good if things get messed up by unfinished old work. The stack of old work only grows.

I finally found the right word to explain what I frequently fail to explain. I am trying to create a luxurious feel about products. A rolls Royce is only this good because the designers actually got in the car and improved things that could be improved. Not just develop things that don't work. I say we should KEEP trying to make them better. Good is never good enough. Trying to improve things is never RANT.

For research and fun I just read some of the more angry complains people posted. I try to look at them as if they previously failed to make their point a 100 times and as if they risk getting banned by getting their view across. I pretend they are doing a feature request in the kindest words. And then I am amazed by the detail and urgency of their rants. It tuned em into a super source of knowledge. They are the core of the million times important thing.

Creating new features is not cool at all if the application actually doesn't work as needed.

Luxurious finish never happens through the effort of screaming that things are good if they work or calling the messenger a troll for the indication of chances to improve things.

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