Selling the customer

Monday, April 11, 2005

A surprising number of businesses are marketing their current customer as the main product thinking it's their product that is so fantastic. Did you ever join something for the members? I always get introduced one way or another. The customer is the main promotional tool but also a large part of the product.

Even the smallest thing we buy we identify with and can be identified by. We may be introduced at first but we want to stay a customer because we know other users. A product doesn't need to be useful at all, the self improvement is the being part of something.

From the Business and Finance point of view, we don't want to invest in new customers at all. It should just be an awesome experience to be an established customer. Let the world figure out your promotion true the fantastic branch orientated documentation you supply. People that work in your branch should really need the features of your site and get used to the idea of using your site, thats really worth investing in. By targeting the content on the existing customers one would want to aquire this status.

With an increasing number of customers, rewarding them today will be less expensive as in future. By this logic it's better to improve the service as the product, the current customer is more important as the new one. Work backwards, make it's first priority to be a interesting and useful company to your clients, let's expect this to cost time and money. It's about being better as the competitor.

You sell part of something, who sells the other parts? Let's make that full guide for your customer and get it perfect. You can help, let's help the customers. What does your brand of customer need to know? How do they currently find out about this? Be sure to throw money but aim it well.
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