be open and enlightened

Friday, March 18, 2005

In Everything people do is about communication. I explain how to "be open and enlightened", having no opinion on things not jet experienced. I say that if people enjoy a thing it can be enjoyed by people. A bad review from a non-user won't proof people can't enjoy it, it will fail to review the very subject because the thing reviewed was never used, the review is a lie.

Only thing worse as being a lier is mistaking obvious lies for facts. If anyone likes something, that proofs it can be liked by a person. This proofs you could like it if you would see or do the thing. You can't proof it's boring jet, others were able to put their interest in it. Can prove to disrespect their interest. It's them who are interested and you who is bored. It's not about the thing at all it's about you. Your boring and they are interesting. They made the thing interesting them selfs, and your making it boring in advance.

To make an opinion before looking at things is so unreasonable one would end up reviewing his own lack of objective observation. First eat, then taste, first make a painting, then say you can't paint, first write, then say you can't, first use Linux then say you prefer Windows. Things are not uninteresting, it's people who are not interested. You can't proof how something you never tried will work out. Don't make a fool out of yourself trying. I'm sure no one likes my blog, but could you please just try for your own good? Thank you!
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