Referral systems need no ID

Friday, April 22, 2005

Did you ever see one of those marketing links with a referral code at the end of it? 999 out of 1000 times you can just type the original root url and have a look without making the spammer happy. If the page appears I am not interested! They want me to sell stuff but think it's normal to sell the same stuff on the root of that domain? Preferably to who I referred to them. And I wasn't even planning on spamming anyone either!

Most of those programs lack morals as a standard but to screw your own referral system so well is just hilarious in my opinion. Bypassing the middle man to reach the middle man, and then bypass him again. haha? Here's a link with my "promo code" baked in it:

I can almost hear you think evil things about marketing programs like that, I could not agree more but our whole currency system is a total fraud, it makes me sick but it ain't any different. It's not that we would provide for all if we could, we would just make stuff more expensive and have about the same. The rest will be taken for the greater good called our government. Who are we to judge a marketing program if we live in a coupon based economy? We trade worthless paper for real food, does that make sense or sound logical?
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