Everything people do is about communication.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Trying to create a luxurious feel about products I make the point: Good communication would be the perfect place to start. For the simple reason that you can't improve things if you don't know they exist. Everything people do is about communication, good is not perfect. Perfect communication would be the goal we can never reach. Good doesn't come close to perfect, remember that for ever!

We communicate over the web by limited skill and limited method. The list of way's to publish isn't that long. Text, links, photo's, drawings, edited images, screenshots, animations, voice, music, video.

The first rule of being smart is not having an opinion about things you never experienced never ever tried. Stop acting smart about things you don't know anything about. First climb the Himalaya and then complain how dumb it is. The taste of the food is in the eating not in the talking about it. If you didn't do it, you have no proof you don't like it. Thats the order of things.

If you would make a comment, I would visit your blog, I would read your blog and after that I could like it. It's unreasonable to make an opinion any earlier. Could have a second look tomorrow, may like it more/less. Try to enhance the picture and stop looking to proof prejudgments. First try to be open and enlightened. Don't cry first TRY to TRY.

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