Having to ask questions is not-so luxurious

Saturday, February 26, 2005

In You should have done this and that.. I make it clear that "Having to ask questions" is "not-so luxurious". If a button doesn't say what the button does it's not a luxurious button at all. If the end user target audience or customer (or who ever your making this thing with the button on it for) needs to ask questions about it's use, it's user unfriendly and not properly documented. A chance to improve things!

Good communication would be the perfect place to start. The best way to get complains would be by letting the complainee pick the medium he likes most. We should never reduce the chance to hear new ideas for development. The end result is made of all the little bits, if you miss a few you may end up second place. If the complainee sends mail you mail, if he sends a fax you fax and if he calls you pick up the phone.

Imagine you have a online store and it stops working, customer 300 calls you, he is rude and angry after endless trying to buy stuff he badly needs. The first thing to think is to fix the problem, you never have time to insult this guy for helping you no matter how confused he is. If you only do email it may take 10 000 customers before you get the message. You send a reply to explain he has to use the small buy buttons. And it takes another 10 000 unhappy customers for you to send the same message to person 2. Do we say "gee this people are dumb" and move on or do we make the thing more luxurious?

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