Good communication would be the perfect place to start.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

In Having to ask questions is not-so luxurious I make the point: "Good communication would be the perfect place to start. " if we are to accomplish the best results possible. Reasonable or good is not perfect, making things perfect may be impossible it should still be the main task. You will end up in the middle like that, halfway between good and perfect. I know things that are just good just ain't good enough to stand out.

Working on communication is easy you already have the maximum know how. A bit more would be unnatural, it would be like a sails rap. You would end up knowing even less. If your communication skills are poor and you don't like that anymore, you will need to train them. It may surprise you but a book is a communication medium just like the tv a video blogs, everything people do is about communication.

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